Wetpour De-Icer Product in Alwington

Wetpour De-Icer Product in Alwington

We can offer a fantastic wetpour de-icer product at fantastic rates. If you would like a price, please complete our contact box.

Icy Playground Maintenance in Alwington

Icy Playground Maintenance in Alwington

If you have ice on your area, we offer icy playground maintenance. Our team will be happy to offer you more information if necessary, so please do not hesitate to get in touch.

School Play Area De Icer in Alwington

School Play Area De Icer in Alwington

If you are interested in purchasing a school play area de icer, please get in touch with our team right away for a quote.

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Wetpour De-Icer Product in Alwington

If you're wanting to purchase a wetpour de-icer product in Alwington EX39 5 for your safety surface, then we are able to offer you this. It's important to keep the rubber surfacing in excellent condition so that it can be used all year round.

In the winter, like any surface when it gets cold, it might freeze and then it's icy, which can become slippery and this then is a safety hazard.

To prevent this happening, you could buy de-icing products and then you can also buy a products to remove the ice from the surfacing.

This should be carried out on play areas, daily mile surfaces https://www.products-near-me.co.uk/golden-mile-track/devon/alwington/ and any other wetpour surfaces.

To find out more details about this type of product or about what we offer, make sure you get into contact with us through our enquiry form. The form is on our website and when you enter your details into the suitable boxes and let us know what kind of service you require, we can respond quickly and efficiently.

How to De-Ice your Wetpour Playground?

If you want to know how to de-ice your wetpour playground, please follow the steps below:

  • Order a suitable de-icer product.
  • Make sure the surface area is clear.
  • Start spraying the product over the surfacing

It's so important that you DO NOT use traditional rock salt which you use on other surfaces. This is because it will leave residue stains and it's abrasive to this type of flooring and can damage it.

The correct de-icing product which we have available is non-corrosive, non-toxic, it is not hazardous and can also be applied to the area from 24-48 hours before the frost has set to prevent it becoming icy.

Icy Playground Maintenance in Alwington

Icy playground maintenance in Alwington EX39 5 is necessary to carry out if your facility is used by the public, since it will have to meet certain healthy and safety requirements so that it's safe.

We recommend that regular maintenance is carried out on any kind of surface, this is to avoid hazards occurring and it also means that when you see a hazard, you are able to fix it quickly to stop it from getting worse.

Anti-Slip Playground De-Icer Near Me

If you require an anti-slip playground de-icer in surrounding areas, then you need to use a suitable supplier. This will make certain that the products are safe to use and it will do the job which is needed.

Let our team (https://www.products-near-me.co.uk/devon/alwington/) know how big your area is, then we'll let you know how much is normally needed for areas of that size and then we can send it to you so you can use it can keep the play area safe.

For more information about what range of services which we offer, you could speak to us by entering your contact details into our form and we will get back to you as soon as we're able to.

School Play Area De Icer Nearby

As this safety surfacing is mainly used by children because of the variety of benefits of this flooring, some schools have chosen to have it installed. Schools need to make sure that their facility is safe to use at all times which is why a lot order a local school play area de icer from us.

Icy Wetpour Surface Near Me

An icy wetpour surface is a danger to anyone and causes many hazards if it's left untreated. Our de-icer products for this to be treated, should be applied with a regular type of spray application or a back pack sprayer.

Make sure to de-ice your graphics too https://www.products-near-me.co.uk/wetpour-graphics/devon/alwington/. These will also need to be maintained. 

As well as treatment, it can be applied to prevent the ice forming on the area. If it is applied in time then this means it should not ice over.

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