Golden Mile Track

Golden Mile Track

We can install a golden mile track at your school at fantastic prices. If you are interested in a price, please get in touch with us now,

Best Surface for Golden Mile

Best Surface for Golden Mile

We offer the best surfaces for the Golden Mile. Our recommended surfaces include rubber mulch, wetpour and anti slip paint track.

Daily Mile Surfacing

Daily Mile Surfacing

We can install daily mile surfacing at reasonable costs. If you would like a quotation for the surfacing, please compete our contact form now.

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Golden Mile Track

A Golden Mile Track is a new programme which has been created to improve fitness in school children.

During The Daily Mile, school children are encouraged to spend a chosen period of time each day carrying out a single mile of exercise.

This is completed by jogging or walking round a chosen part of the playground or sport pitch. It is actually supposed to enhance the health and wellbeing of children.

The track could be installed around a tennis court or around the whole school.

It's essential to make sure kids have a chance to enjoy physical activities as a way of tackling childhood obesity.

Completing The DailyMile is really an extra pursuit that isn't done in the compulsory PE program. This plan is focused on boosting the emotional and physical health of pupils in schools.

This is becoming incredibly successful and due to the the simplicity of the scheme. It will require roughly under 15 minutes of time to complete the full distance. Being active in an outside space also offers good benefits for kids.

There is no need for children to believe they are limited because everybody who takes part will be inspired to do well.

If you would like to find out more information about this programme and how you can get one for your school, send an enquiry to our local team by completing the form on our website.

What is a Daily Mile Track?

The Daily Mile Track is a fairly new project which has been introduced to schools as a way for their pupils to improve and enhance their physical and emotional wellbeing.

It is recommended for pupils to walk or run 1mile per day within their school day. Studies have shown that not only does it improve their physical strength but it also means that when they go back into lessons, they are able to concentrate for longer.

Daily Mile Track Cost

There is no set Daily Mile Track cost because it depends on the area size which you want for a track, the type of surfacing you choose and the preparation work which is required.

The activity may be completed in UK schools in surrounding areas by the teachers and parents as well as it's not simply suitable for children. Daily Miles can be done at any age level and regardless of individual background.

The track is often installed away from equipment so children don't get distracted.

To get costs for this project, our team will be able to provide you with this information when you enquire through the application form.

Best Surface for the Golden Mile

There are a range of surfaces which can be used for this program and for many nearby schools it depends on the budget which they have available and the type of surface they'd like to create.

Please see below the best surfaces for the Golden Mile:

  • Rubber Mulch – this is a safety surface which could be installed over a lot of existing surfaces and provides a natural look.
  • Wetpour – Is a safety surface which is found in a lot of playgrounds and is available in a range of colours.
  • Premium Track Anti-Slip Paint – this paint should be applied onto a clean tarmac surface, it's commonly used for sports courts and there are a variety of colours to choose from.

We recommend rubber mulch tracks when the area is currently grass because it is a more cost effective option because we might be able to install it straight over the existing grass.

Some schools prefer the look of wetpour and if they have the budget and a tarmac surface, we recommend this.

When a primary school has a tarmac surface that they would like to keep, then our Premium anti-slip paint can be applied.

Schools Golden Mile Surface Near Me

As the schools Golden Mile surface has been put in place, research has shown that pupils now have better levels of concentration and behaviour, together with improved physical fitness.

Due to the better levels of concentration during school, children can take in information more productively which makes them far more likely to succeed. It's not just schools that can take part in The Daily Mile, nurseries, pre schools and kindergartens could also join in.

We would recommend getting repairs done asap. We offer wetpour repair kits and other services if this is what you need.

Benefits of a Golden Mile Track

There are so many benefits of these tracks near me and part of this is because there is absolutely no competition or test related to walking the activity.

It's physical activity intended to boost children's wellbeing and psychological health. Through motivating the youngsters to become physically active, it will bring about much better health advantages.

Simply because of the advanced concentration levels, pupils are better equipped to understand and take notice in educational lessons.

The main objective will be to make it a social occasion for the kids, and teachers to engage and socialise.

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